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Founded by ex-hoteliers, Mews is a next-generation hospitality cloud for hotels, hostels, apartments and more. Mews gives hoteliers the power to provide a remarkable guest experience while improving the operations and performance of their property, thanks to smart automation and an innovative, user-friendly set of products and features. Mews serves over 5,000 properties across more than 85 countries in all five continents, and works with a huge number of hospitality tech companies to provide hoteliers with an unbeatable platform – no other PMS offers as many integrations.

Property Management Systems

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BEONx is a leading travel technology company dedicated to revolutionizing revenue strategy and achieving sustainable profitability for hotels. Its innovative Sustainable Profit Platform (SPP) offers a fresh perspective on revenue management, moving beyond the traditional focus on RevPAR and occupancy rates to 'revenue-per-available-guest’ (RevPAG). The company’s mission is to drive a paradigm shift in the way hospitality professionals think about their business models, shifting the industry from a traditional “room for sale”mindset to a multi-dimensional experience ecosystem, with sustainable profitability at its core. The Sustainable Profit Platform operates on cutting-edge AI and machine-learning technology, offering automated, integrated, and digital solutions to optimize costs, revenue generation, and guest retention. The platform includes a powerful revenue management system, as well as a carefully curated selection of partner applications, allowing hotels to analyze and optimize all revenue streams, from parking and restaurant services to room revenue. Its RMS optimizes pricing and distribution based on consumer preferences and buying patterns, leveraging the Hotel Quality Index (HQI™), the only index in the hotel market that measures overall hotel quality. With a double segmentation by channel and market, hotels are equipped with information they need to make informed decisions to maximize their profits. BEONx serves over 2,000 customers in more than 30 countries, including leading hotel brands such as Catalonia, Iberostar, RIU, Barceló and H10, among others. With a commitment to leading the industry in total profitability, BEONx is poised to revolutionize revenue strategy in the hospitality industry.

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