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Hotels Expecting More Staycations, Bleisure Expansion and Sustainability in 2023


Stefano Mocella in Operations

Last updated January 04, 2023

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Multiple travel-related trends have emerged in recent years, which are shaping the future of hospitality. 

From a stronger emphasis on environmental responsibility and sustainability to the growth of non-traditional lodging options like stay-cations and increased use of technology - these new attractions continue to allure guests. To stay ahead of the curve in such a dynamic industry, hoteliers must keep an eye on these trends and modify their operations as necessary.

This post discusses 4 major tourism trends and how hoteliers can take advantage of them to grow and expand their businesses.

Continued Dominance of OTA Platforms

Online Travel Agencies (OTA) have significantly risen as a key hospitality industry trend over the last decade. With the increased use of the internet and mobile devices for travel bookings, the ease of comparing prices and reviews online, and the ability to make last-minute bookings, travellers seem to choose this over direct bookings.

Reports have also revealed that leading OTA booking platforms (Booking.com, Expedia.com, etc) alone account for 60% of all American tourism bookings. One of the main reasons why customers opt for OTAs apart from convenience is that they offer last-minute deals, allowing them to snag a discounted room at the last minute.

Even More Staycations & Bleisure Travel

With the world having moved towards a digital ecosystem, work-from-anywhere settings have risen as a major employment trend across the globe. Simultaneously, it seems to positively affect the future of hospitality, as people are actively exploring new, exotic destinations for “staycations” without taking time off from their jobs.

In addition to that, studies claim that bleisure travel is on the rise, with tourists taking 6.4 annual business trips on average. A sweet mix of “business” and “leisure” is a trend becoming popular among employees of all ages (especially millennials).

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Sustainable Tourism

Thereafter, sustainable tourism has risen as major a hotel industry trend, as more people have become aware of the environmental impact of their travel-related choices. Not only is eco-friendly travel good for the environment but it also lowers hotel operating costs and draws in a new group of eco-aware tourists.

Numerous hotels are encouraging this trend by taking green initiatives including recycling campaigns, water conservation techniques, and energy-saving lighting to name a few.

Use of Advanced Technology

Last but not least. hotel CRM systems, such as those within the roomMaster PMS, have become increasingly popular amongst businesses in the hospitality industry. With the proliferation of online booking platforms and mobile apps, hotels now have access to more data about their guests than ever before. This has increased the demand for sophisticated systems capable of managing and analyzing data to detect trends and improve customer service.

As more hotels and Airbnb-style vacation rentals enter the market, hotels are finding ways to differentiate themselves and provide a better customer experience to remain competitive.

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, thriving in the global hospitality industry’s ever-changing landscape can be difficult with such increasing competition and external factors. However, by staying informed and adapting to the aforementioned current trends, hoteliers can ensure that their properties are well-positioned to meet the changing needs of their guests and thrive in this increasingly competitive market.

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Stefano Mocella
Content Specialist @ InnQuest