Bookassist's Online Strategy Successes Demonstrated in Case Studies

Bookassist launched their new Online Strategy page where they outline their strategic partnership approach that they have become known for, with case studies from their clients and their Bookassist Customer Success Manager.

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Bookassist is an industry leader for its solutions and has garnered multiple awards that have made us well known across the industry. But we believe our website was not giving the full picture of what we can do for you.

This is why we've launched our new Online Strategy page where we outline the strategic partnership approach that we have become known for, with case studies from clients and their Bookassist Customer Success Manager.

We go beyond the solutions

- At Bookassist, we go beyond the ordinary. We're not just another online solutions provider. We are your strategic partner, committed to guiding and propelling your hotel towards extraordinary achievements.

- What sets us apart? Our holistic approach. Our team of experts will tailor solutions to your unique needs, ensuring your hotel stands out from the competition.

Case Study

"In 2022 we did a complete update of our website which we could not have done without the knowledge, advice and patience from our Account Manager Louise. We also put a big emphasis on converting more direct business and we have seen exponential growth in recent months.

Louise helped us get connected with other people within Bookassist to increase our digital presence which has resulted in a higher ROI.

We are hitting record breaking months for room nights booked and we have closed the gap between direct bookings and OTAs.

The people we work with in Bookassist possess the knowledge and expertise about the market and digital spending that we simply do not have and we appreciate their help."

Philip Erskine - Business Development Manager - Hotel Granville

"One of the favourite parts of my job are the relationships I build with my clients. I am very driven by open communication and transparency with the hotels that I work with.

Granville has been my dream client, they are so receptive to our advice and open to making changes and investing in their own online presence.

They see the value in what we do and take action when we recommend it. It really has been such a joy working with them and seeing the incredible results that they are achieving as a result of trusting in us and working together as a team for that same goal – driving that direct revenue to the property. Long may it continue."

Louise Kennedy - Customer Success Manager - Bookassist


Online Business: Direct 46% in Q1 2023

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About Bookassist

Bookassist ensures hotels gain profitable and sustainable advantage by focusing on and building their direct business. We support hotels with award-winning technology and services, expert advice and support together with a large data set to guide strategy and online success. As an extension of each hotel’s in-house marketing team, Bookassist works with the hotel’s team to build real and sustainable profitability.