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The Superpowers You Need to Optimize Your Direct Channel Strategy


Michael Goldrich in Marketing

Last updated June 16, 2023

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When we think of superheroes, we often imagine how a single extraordinary event can transform an ordinary person into someone with unimaginable superpowers. They acquire incredible abilities, from invisibility to flight, that set them apart from the rest. Now, imagine if the same idea could be applied to a hotel’s website to increase conversion rates.

Hotel websites have the power to undergo a remarkable evolution, turning an ordinary platform into something extraordinary. The trigger for this transformation lies in a quick copy/paste action—a three-second injection of a simple line of code into the backend of a hotel’s website and booking engine. This activation unlocks the full potential of targeting, personalization, and benchmarking, propelling a website to superhero status.

Let's explore the superpowers a hotel website can leverage to boost their direct channel performance and increase revenue:

  1. Invisibility: Websites can operate invisibly, silently watching, examining, and analyzing the backend information while loading. This valuable data can be used to take targeted actions and communicate with users who meet specific criteria.
  2. Shapeshifting: Similar to a shapeshifter, hotel websites can adapt content based on visitor behavior, entry points, and interests. Whether through captivating images, compelling copy, or relevant links, personalized experiences can be delivered that speak directly to each individual.
  3. Telepathy: Imagine having the ability to understand visitors' desires without any direct interaction. A similar feat can be achieved with Predictive Personalization. By tracking over 150 variables about each user's interactions, the AI algorithm can compare their behavior with previous visitors, allowing hotels to anticipate their needs and deliver tailored messages. Discounts can even be offered to incentivize bookings or upsell higher room categories based on their preferences.
  4. Teleportation: Through geotargeting technology, hotels can dynamically change online content based on the physical location of their visitors. Whether they're in a different country, state, city, or neighborhood, the website will adapt and provide relevant information specific to their location.
  5. Time Travel: Although the past can’t be altered, a time-travel-like experience can be created by displaying date-specific messages. For instance, hoteliers can showcase targeted messages for holiday stays or provide customized information based on the visitor's selected dates.
  6. Healing: Hotel websites possess the power to heal. By analyzing conversion rates, hoteliers can identify areas of weakness and implement tools to improve them. Whether it's preventing users from leaving to check reviews or reassuring them about pricing, hotel marketers can regenerate users and increase conversion rates.
  7. Energy Blasts: Just like releasing bursts of energy, hotel brands can create a sense of urgency by launching flash sales with countdown messaging. This targeted approach ensures a peak of direct revenue when needed.
  8. Super Speed: These websites can move faster than ever before, delivering the right message at the right time on the right page. By anticipating visitors' needs, hotel websites can provide a seamless browsing experience and serve up relevant content effortlessly.
  9. Infinite Creativity: The opportunities to create content are endless for hotel marketers with the power of Generative AI. AI Assistant allows hoteliers to produce tailored website messages that align perfectly with their brand and enhance the user experience, all in a matter of seconds.

The potential for hotel websites to undergo an instant and remarkable transformation through the integration of cutting-edge technology is undeniable. The primary focus should always be on enhancing the user’s website experience, but it's crucial not to overwhelm visitors with excessive messaging. Instead, hoteliers must adopt a strategic approach to website user journey. By employing a thoughtful and personalized strategy, hotel marketers can significantly increase visitor engagement on the direct channel, leading to a substantial boost in revenue and bookings.

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Michael Goldrich
Chief Experience Officer @ The Hotels Network
Michael is responsible for optimizing the hotelier's experience as they grow their direct channel by using The Hotels Network's innovative solutions to attract, engage and convert visitors throughout the online booking journey.

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