Thynk Establishes Asian Presence with Chatrium Hospitality Partnership

This partnership epitomizes the spirit of Chatrium's tagline, 'Feel the Remarkable'.

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Thynk.Cloud, a leading hospitality platform offering hotel CRM, customer data insights, and elevating operational procedures to achieve hospitality excellence, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Chatrium Hotels & Residences, marking its formidable expansion into the APAC region, including the vibrant markets of Thailand, Japan, and Myanmar.

‍In the hospitality industry, it's a delicate balance between embracing technology and maintaining the essential human touch that defines exceptional service. Chatrium Hospitality is dedicated to this philosophy. "The way we embrace technology at Chatrium Hospitality is to give employees and customers the tools they need. We automate wherever we can, but at the end of the day, the most essential thing about hospitality is human relationships. Our tools are here to support and enhance those relationships, not replace them," states the Chatrium philosophy.‍

This partnership epitomizes the spirit of Chatrium's tagline, 'Feel the Remarkable'. By integrating Thynk's solutions, Chatrium aims to provide experiences that are not only memorable but also leverage technology to offer guests a comprehensive and exceptional encounter. With Chatrium's ongoing expansion into the luxury segment and new properties being added to their portfolio, Thynk's solutions are poised to play a pivotal role in reinforcing Chatrium's commitment to innovation, unparalleled service and operational efficiency.

Rene Balmer, Group General Manager of Chatrium Hotels & Residences, shared:

"To elevate our services and support our strategic shift, we identified the need for an advanced CRM system to help manage and accelerate direct sales. Thynk's platform resonated with our objectives and vision the most. It frees our teams from manual and repetitive tasks, helping them craft unique moments for our guests and bringing luxury and personalization to a new scale. Thynk is not merely unique—it's a transformative solution. With Thynk, we're not just keeping pace with industry trends; we're establishing new benchmarks."

Nils Scheers, Co-founder & COO of Thynk.Cloud, said:

"Our alliance with Chatrium Hotels & Residences marks a significant step not just into the Thai hospitality market, but also in Japan. Chatrium's unwavering commitment to both hospitality and innovation aligns seamlessly with our values. Together, we envision a future where technology and human connection coalesce to offer truly remarkable experiences."

‍Powered by Salesforce – a global leader in CRM – Thynk.Cloud is tailored to enhance sales, operations, and data management for hospitality entities of all sizes. Presently, Thynk.Cloud supports over 2,500 hoteliers worldwide, aiding them in establishing robust digital rapport with clientele, optimizing operational aspects, and tapping into new opportunities using clean, actionable data.


About Chatrium Hospitality

Chatrium Hospitality is an international hospitality group founded in Thailand that manages and owns distinctive luxury and stylish hotels and residences in Thailand, Myanmar and Japan. It was born from a passion for providing guests with remarkable moments and creating emotional connections to the destinations through warm hospitality, a culturally immersive ambience, contemporary comforts, and being environmentally caring.

About Thynk

Thynk is a customer-centric all-in-one platform designed for hoteliers to manage sales and operations. Data is clean and actionable. Every process is configurable, seamless, and fully integrated. Every guest interaction is personalized. Hotel staff are empowered to easily craft memorable experiences and drive revenue and profit from any space. Velocity and adaptability is crucial in our fast-changing hospitality landscape. With this new partnership, Thynk now proudly serves customers across the Middle East, Africa, Europe, North America, and Asia.