Yotel Grows Direct Bookings and Rewards Loyal Guests

Global hotel brand YOTEL is an industry leader on the cutting-edge of hospitality

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Global hotel brand YOTEL is an industry leader on the cutting-edge of hospitality. They’ve leveraged the power of brand, stylish design, and technology to build a forward-thinking guest experience. With dozens of locations around the globe and expansion plans on the horizon, this innovative hotel group wanted to integrate new technologies to improve guest experience and accelerate growth.

As a leader in the industry, YOTEL sought like-minded partners to help scale while consistently delivering a high-quality guest experience. In today’s digital era, hotels grapple with substantial competition from OTAs and other digital platforms. Recognizing this challenge, YOTEL partnered with The Guestbook in 2021 to utilize the power of cash back rewards. YOTEL knew that rewarding guest loyalty through a high-converting rewards program was critical in raising direct bookings and earning brand loyalty. In 2023, YOTEL doubled down on this direct booking strategy by partnering with Selfbook. Their seamless booking and payment experience would be pivotal in driving more conversions for the business.



The Guestbook + Selfbook Team Up

The common goal of this partnership between The Guestbook and Selfbook is boosting direct revenue for hotel brands like YOTEL by combining the Guestbook's cashback program with Selfbook's seamless booking flow. Both companies aim to deliver a better experience for the modern traveler throughout the checkout process. Selfbook offers a hotel-branded, easy-to-use one-step checkout, and The Guestbook Rewards program creates incentives that boost engagement.

Starting with The Guestbook partnership in 2021, YOTEL saw a 33% average increase in booking conversion across their portfolio of hotels after integrating cash back rewards into their booking flow. This performance solidified the importance of investing in the user experience and rewarding loyalty to drive revenue. Selfbook’s fast booking and seamless payment experience continued to drive impact on direct bookings beginning in 2023. Ultimately, the program has paid for itself through substantial growth in several key performance metrics.



The Guestbook partners with independent and boutique brand hotels to increase net revenue and drive direct bookings through the power of cash back rewards. Over 2.5 million guests worldwide have joined The Guestbook cash back rewards program to enjoy the freedom of three redemption options. Guests may choose 5% Cash Back, 5% Cash for a Cause, or 15% Cash Forward towards a future stay at one of The Guestbook’s partner hotels. With over 800 distinctive hotels in 70 countries, The Guestbook was founded on the belief that a direct relationship between hoteliers and their guests is more rewarding for everyone.

About Selfbook

Selfbook transforms hotel bookings and payments from the inside out to provide a refreshingly simple user experience for guests and hoteliers alike.