2024 Contactless Checkin Buyer's Guide

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Self Service and online hotel check-in solutions provide the ability to collect all necessary guest details automatically, with little to no contact from the reception desk. These details include passport scans, payment or deposit, E-signatures, arrival time and more. This helps avoid unnecessary lines at reception providing an improved arrival experience and first impression. Using online check-in allows hotels to receive all the information ahead of time, re-establish relationships with guests (often reduced due to OTA’s), and offer additional services - it's the gateway to guest engagement and for digitizing the guest experience.

What You'll learn

  • Cutting edge trends
  • Business impact
  • Top rated providers & side-by-side comparisons
  • Top questions smart buyers ask vendors
  • Key integrations to drive efficiency
  • Pricing models and budget insights
  • Implementation process and timeline
  • Selected success stories, use cases and articles

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