More customer satisfaction in less time? Utopia?

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at Hotel Ratscher Landhaus to verify this case study.
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We learn from an early age that we have to invest time to make something really good. Many hotels do the same. They invest hours and hours in digital communication with their guests. Manual targeting, segmentation, content and layout take up a lot of resources and are always fraught with errors.
Why it matters: So what if there was a way to work through all these points with just a few clicks in just a few minutes?
  • Smart Host offers you automated guest communication that is precisely tailored to the individual needs of your customers and saves you and your team a lot of time and stress.

Top 3 Core Objectives: Michaela Muster reveals: "We didn't search, Smart Host found us". The hotel manager and owner of the Ratscher Landhaus struggled for a long time with this effort and the resulting lack of time for other important things.
  • Save time: Target group-oriented newsletter marketing with time savings

  • Measurably increase customer satisfaction: It must be possible to clearly determine whether something is working or not in order to be able to act and react in the best possible way.

Smart Host GmbH

Smart Communication for Hoteliers and Guests – Simple. Automated. Profitable.

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Hotel Ratscher Landhaus
Smart Host GmbH
Michaela Muster
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Michaela Muster who verified this case study.

General Manager & Owner

Hotel Ratscher Landhaus

"We save a lot of time and that is the most precious thing you have!"

Michaela Muster

General Manager & Owner

👍 General Manager & Owner Michaela Muster said that sums it up:
  • "We save a lot of time and that is the most precious thing you have!"

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Michaela Muster evaluated Smart Host GmbH's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that Smart Host GmbH was the best fit solution:
  • General Manager & Owner Michaela Muster said, about their decision: "The support is great and responds very quickly. The implementation is very simple and self-explanatory."

📈 The results: When asked whether the Ratscher Landhaus has evaluated any other products, Michaela Muster replies: "No, we were immediately convinced!".
  • Smart Host offers an intuitive editor for creating newsletters and provides segmentation options for each customer profile thanks to the interface with the hotel PMS. The tool regularly suggests campaign ideas and facilitates text creation thanks to integrated AI.

  • The success of using Smart Host can be measured at any time on the user-friendly dashboard, where the hotel has an overview of all figures - even the sales figures generated by the individualized guest communication.

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