Automation and the use of AI technology – all powered by eviivo Suite – are key to the growing success of Brambles of Inveraray.

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at Brambles of Inveraray to verify this case study.
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Brambles of Inveraray is a hotel nestled in the heart of the west coast of Scotland. It's a haven for guests seeking relaxation in breathtaking surrounds, featuring uniquely styled rooms and well-equipped apartments. Starting with just 4 rooms, the hotel has now grown to offer 18 (with plans for more next year) as the time-saving automation and AI powered features of their property management system have made such growth possible. Adopting the latest technology has been a cornerstone of Brambles' continued success.
Why it matters: As all hoteliers know, running a busy hotel can take up lots of time, an issue worsened by the current shortage of staff available in the hospitality sector. Using automation and clever AI to look after daily menial and admin tasks can really help save time and, in some cases replace the need for some roles, making a business more efficient. Owner and Software Engineering Graduate, Victoria Thomson, shares how this has been critical for Brambles as she grows her thriving business.
  • "eviivo helps because of all the automation; it does all these things for us. So the 20 years I’ve owned Brambles, at this time I’m definitely finding it the most difficult time for recruitment and for retention. So, with the eviivo Suite it means I don’t need worry about hiring many administrative receptionists, all that work is done for me, so it takes a huge amount of pressure off the hotel side of the business." (Victoria Thomson - Owner)

Top 3 Core Objectives: To be able to run a thriving accommodation business whilst constantly finding ways to expand the operation, means managing every aspect as efficiently as possible is paramount. Time is one of the most precious resources at Brambles, and by cleverly using the right technology to automate the more administrative tasks, Victoria and her team get time back to focus on planning and expanding the business, as well as giving guests a great stay in Inveraray.
  • The power of automation: "It makes the hotel run itself with regards to admin, payments, bookings, guest communications; I don't need to worry about any of this at all, it just does it all for me. It's an absolute life saver." (Victoria Thomson - Owner)

  • Using eviivo AI-powered Concierge: "Throughout the night, we can completely chill out without having to answer all the questions people may have...before they book, or even for guests that have already booked. So that will save us a lot of time looking at our phones, checking emails. When people ask questions, this does it for us. It's definitely going to be a game-changer!" (Victoria Thomson - Owner)

  • Staying a step ahead: "When eviivo updates any new functionality you know it's really quite exciting, because it means eviivo is listening to customers. Here we are, 15 years later, still using eviivo – and I would never think of changing to any other booking platform at all." (Victoria Thomson - Owner)


Revolutionary simplicity for your staff and better controls to grow direct bookings.

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Brambles of Inveraray
Victoria Thomson
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Victoria Thomson who verified this case study.


Brambles of Inveraray

"Because of the automation from the eviivo Suite, it saves me a huge amount of time. This time I can use on growing the business; working on the business instead of in the business. I can expand, I can do the things I really like to do. It allows me to live a far more enjoyable life."

Victoria Thomson


👍 Owner Victoria Thomson said that time saving tech has allowed her to grow her business and enjoy her life.:
  • "Because of the automation from the eviivo Suite, it saves me a huge amount of time. This time I can use on growing the business; working on the business instead of in the business. I can expand, I can do the things I really like to do. It allows me to live a far more enjoyable life."

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Victoria Thomson evaluated eviivo's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that eviivo was the best fit solution:
  • Owner Victoria Thomson said, about their decision: "I did quite a lot of research into who to use as my booking platform. I just remember it being really, really easy...before we actually signed up there was a video that we could watch first, and someone ran through it, so we knew exactly what we were signing up for. We knew how easy it was going to be. There was nothing hidden, there was no kind of nasty things that we learnt afterwards. It was all very transparent and very professional."

📈 The results: Victoria automates as much of her business as possible, and despite the challenges of staffing this year, this automation has helped maintain near 100% occupancy through the summer season. The most recent addition to her tech stack has been eviivo Concierge, an AI-powered automated tool that answers online questions any future or current guests have 24/7, without Victoria or her team having to lift a finger.
  • "eviivo allows the hotel side of the business to run itself. We don't need to worry about it at all. Most of the time we are fully booked, which is a big thanks to eviivo Suite. eviivo makes us a really successful business." (Victoria Thomson - Owner)

  • "All the automation makes me cut back on my labour costs. I've not got someone sitting doing menial admin tasks; eviivo does it all for me." (Victoria Thomson - Owner)

  • "We're now at 18 rooms...we're really excited about our next project...to take us up to 22 rooms, and we still have plans beyond that as well for the year after, just to keep growing. And it's eviivo that's allowed us to do that." (Victoria Thomson - Owner)

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