The Lisnacurran Collection treble the size of their business using the efficiencies and functionality of eviivo Suite.

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at The Lisnacurran Collection to verify this case study.
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Lisnacurran, Ralf’s and Arthur’s are situated in Royal Hillsborough and historic Moira in Northern Ireland, with each of the three guest houses offering a unique guest experience. The business has now grown to 36 rooms across the properties, and an easy to use property management system, whilst being 'on the go' across the three locations, has been critical in facilitating the business expansion. The use of the right technology has laid key foundations, and lies at the heart of this thriving business.
Why it matters: All accommodation providers know that using the right technology is crucial to the success of their business, providing everything they need for the day-to-day management, as well as the information needed to expand with confidence in the future. Owner, Lynne McCabe, shares how this has been pivotal to the success and growth of the The Lisnacurran Collection.
  • "I save a lot of time with eviivo Suite, I am able to manage 3 properties, with 3 teams, so I can keep in touch with my team through the system, through the software, through my phone. A lot of the features I am able to manage seamlessly…the functions are very user friendly." (Lynne McCabe - Owner)

Top 3 Core Objectives: In order to expand and grow the business, it has been crucial to The Lisnacurran Collection that their property management system is as efficient as possible. This applies not only to handling the daily activities of running the properties seamlessly, but also providing McCabe with the key information needed to make informed decisions about her business, as well as helping afford her time to work 'on' the business strategically, rather than always 'in' the business.
  • Managing the business on-the-go...: "I use the eviivo Mobile App. it’s not just every day, it’s every hour of every day. And I know that might sound like there’s no getting away from work, but it doesn’t feel like that. The mobile app certainly helps my work-life balance. We have a holiday property on the coast, and I'm able to work from home or work from wherever I am. Even if I’m out shopping or on the beach, I can keep an eye on the mobile app." (Lynne McCabe - Owner)

  • Ticking operational efficiency boxes...: "We actually had a recent audit by the Northern Ireland Tourist Board and one of the things he judged us on was our confirmation email. He had a certain set of criteria that he wanted to see there, and he said they were all ticked." (Lynne McCabe - Owner)

  • Getting funding to grow...: "For finance, the Bank Manager, from time to time, I have to put my hand or my cap out for a few pounds for another development in the business, and I can quickly give him figures. The Performance Manager reports have also helped me formulate very genuine and important business decisions." (Lynne McCabe - Owner)


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The Lisnacurran Collection
Lynne McCabe
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Lynne McCabe who verified this case study.


The Lisnacurran Collection

"Being able to see everything on my phone as I move is fantastic. I can see my three properties, at the touch of a button, or have the option to see them simultaneously on one screen, it just feels like running 36-rooms, instead of an 11, a 12, and a 13."

Lynne McCabe


👍 Owner Lynne McCabe said that managing a growing business, on the go, is vital...:
  • "Being able to see everything on my phone as I move is fantastic. I can see my three properties, at the touch of a button, or have the option to see them simultaneously on one screen, it just feels like running 36-rooms, instead of an 11, a 12, and a 13."

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Lynne McCabe evaluated eviivo's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that eviivo was the best fit solution:
  • Owner Lynne McCabe said, about their decision: ""I’ve been with eviivo nearly 15 years, I first heard of it because another local B&B operator told me about it, told me you need to be on this, and showed me it, brought me round. Since then I’ve done the same for quite of few of my fellow B&B operators in the area.""

📈 The results: Lynne now runs 36 rooms across 3 properties, all using eviivo Suite. The efficiency, functionality and simplicity of the system is fundamental to help her and her team to do this, as well as being able to highlight the opportunity for growth, and ultimately facilitate the expansion of the business.
  • "We grew 30% above our previous best year, and I was able to watch that month-on-month. That gave me such a drive and enthusiasm throughout the year." (Owner - Lynne McCabe)

  • "Another key feature I love is the automatic booking confirmations. Two of our properties I run as self-check-in." (Owner - Lynne McCabe)

  • "I knew my market, I knew my figures, I was confident of them, I could see the growth, I could see that when we took on the second property I could see such synergy between the two…it gave me the confidence when I opened up the third one, the business was there." (Owner - Lynne McCabe)

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