How Corsendonk Hotels Simplified its Tech Stack to Improve the Customer Experience

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Belgium's Corsendonk Hotels, known for its unique properties and 50 years of heritage, partnered with Thynk to revolutionize its operations. This case study unveils how integrating Thynk's technology streamlined their processes, enhancing guest experiences across five locations.
Why it matters: Adopting Thynk's integrated solutions, Corsendonk Hotels streamlined operations and information management across its five unique properties. This strategic move enhanced guest experiences and operational efficiency, showcasing the power of technology in modern hospitality.
  • Corsendonk Hotels revolutionized its information management by integrating Thynk, a multi-property management platform. Thynk's direct integration with their existing property management software enabled seamless data centralization and operational coordination across all properties, significantly improving guest service consistency and staff workflow efficiency.

Top 3 Core Objectives: Corsendonk Hotels, a prominent Belgian hotel group, aimed to enhance its operational efficiency and guest experience across its five distinct properties. The objectives were centered around improving information management, integrating systems for seamless operation, and ensuring consistency in guest experience
  • Efficient Cross-Property Management: Seeking to centralize operational data, Corsendonk Hotels aimed to standardize contracts and communications across its locations. This would streamline internal processes, leading to more effective operations and an improved guest experience.

  • Seamless Software Integration: The hotel group needed a solution that could integrate with its existing property management system, Mews. This integration was essential for effective budgeting and forecasting, as well as monitoring business costs and revenue, thereby boosting operational efficiency.

  • Uniform Guest Experience: A key goal was to provide a consistent experience to guests at all properties. By implementing Thynk, built on Salesforce, Corsendonk Hotels was able to centralize information management, reduce costs by eliminating a separate CRM, and standardize services for guests, regardless of their location.


Multi-property B2B and B2C CRM powered by SALESFORCE

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Corsendonk Hotels
Eline van Ginneken
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Corsendonk Hotels

"The system works great for multi-properties and a big advantage for us is the combination with salesforce. We have CRM+Events now in single system. Furthermore processes are tailormade."

Eline van Ginneken


👍 Sales Eline van Ginneken said that All needs in one system:
  • "The system works great for multi-properties and a big advantage for us is the combination with salesforce. We have CRM+Events now in single system. Furthermore processes are tailormade."

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Eline van Ginneken evaluated Thynk's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that Thynk was the best fit solution:
  • Sales Eline van Ginneken said, about their decision: "We needed a better way to manage information between properties and looked to standardize contracts and communications for consistency. Thynk was chosen as it enabled us to create the best possible experience for guests while maintaining smooth operations."

📈 The results: The adoption of Thynk by Corsendonk Hotels led to significant improvements in operational efficiency and guest service quality across its five properties. The initiative successfully achieved the set objectives, resulting in streamlined processes, enhanced data management, and consistent guest experiences.
  • Centralized Data Management The integration with Thynk enabled effective centralization of operational information. This resulted in smoother internal communication and more consistent implementation of policies and procedures across all properties, enhancing overall operational coherence.

  • Improved Operational Efficiency With Thynk's integration into Corsendonk Hotels' existing system, the group experienced enhanced efficiency in budgeting, forecasting, and resource allocation. This integration led to more informed decision-making and better management of business costs and revenues.

  • Consistent Guest Satisfaction The streamlined processes and centralized information system provided by Thynk allowed for a uniform and high-quality guest experience at each property. Guests enjoyed consistent services and amenities, which improved overall satisfaction and loyalty to the Corsendonk Hotels brand.

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