Group Pricing Evaluation Drives Results for Citadines

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at Citadines Arnulfpark Munich to verify this case study.
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Citadines’ property in the heart of Arnulfpark Munich features accommodations suited for short and long stays. Their complex mix of business made pricing optimization a challenge—particularly for group business and during special high-demand events like Oktoberfest.
Why it matters: IDeaS G3 RMS was able to help them navigate group business pricing optimization and led to a substantial increase in group ADP.
  • This successful complementary relationship between user configuration, market knowledge, and G3 RMS’s analytical evaluations led to increased ADR for group business.

Top 3 Core Objectives: Citadines needed an RMS solution that could help manage complex group and extended stay pricing decisions for their Arnulfpark Munich property.
  • Improve group pricing decisions: With group business a significant portion of their guest booking mix, this property needed a solution to help navigate complex group pricing decisions.

  • Automate complex inventory pricing: As a city-center property catering to both overnight-stay and extended-stay guests, Citadines needed an RMS that would make optimal pricing decisions based on their guest’s distinct demand patterns.

  • Augment staff expertise: Enhance the Citadines team’s ability to make and validate strategic decisions about rates offered to group business.


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Citadines Arnulfpark Munich
Stephan Muhs
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Stephan Muhs who verified this case study.

Area Revenue Manager

Citadines Arnulfpark Munich

"Once it all comes together, that is our success. It’s not just one tool or one person doing the pricing. Between G3, our residential manager and I, we essentially have three experts working together."

Stephan Muhs

Area Revenue Manager

👍 Area Revenue Manager Stephan Muhs said that Stephan Muhs says their success is a result of collaborating with G3 RMS.:
  • "Once it all comes together, that is our success. It’s not just one tool or one person doing the pricing. Between G3, our residential manager and I, we essentially have three experts working together."

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Stephan Muhs evaluated IDeaS's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that IDeaS was the best fit solution:
  • Area Revenue Manager Stephan Muhs said, about their decision: "It’s a common misconception that only big chains use an RMS—on the contrary, independent hotels can greatly benefit. Our entire team is happy with the system and with the ongoing support. We’ve learned that the system is not just about pricing, but also forecasting, reporting and channel management. IDeaS G3 RMS is a multifunctional tool and that makes it really important for hoteliers to have."

📈 The results: The implementation of G3 RMS has helped an experienced revenue management staff via automated pricing decisions and tools for evaluating the projected revenue impact of group business bookings.
  • G3 RMS Group Pricing evaluator prevented them from underpricing during Oktoberfest. Increase in ADR for group business. Citadines Arnulfpark saw a 9% increase in group revenue compared to 2019.

  • The implementation of automation has significantly streamlined the group quoting process, reducing both time and effort, enabling the hotel to respond more promptly, and ultimately attracting a higher volume of group bookings.

  • Implementing G3 RMS consistently results in Muh’s strategy aligning with the suggested group rates. Even in scenarios where his pricing thoughts are already on target, Muhs appreciates having a system to help him check and validate his conclusions.

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