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Miguel, Neal, [email protected] + 23 more experts recommend WebRezPro

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WebRezPro™ is a powerful, cloud-based property management system designed for properties of all types and sizes. The fully integrated and automated solution saves lodging operators time and increases revenue by streamlining and modernizing daily operations.

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88 HT Score

Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.

Learn how HotelTechReport uses millions of proprietary datapoints to rank the best hotel software in the world
About WebRezPro
Founded in 2003 | Headquarters in Calgary, AB, Canada | 29 employees
WebRezPro is a complete, automated and flexible cloud property management system designed to increase productivity and revenue for all types of accommodations. From reservation and inventory management to accounting and reporting, the full-featured yet easy-to-use solution modernizes and streamlines front desk and back office operations. WebRezPro provides lodging operators with an innovative, secure and affordable solution that includes a fully integrated, commission-free online booking engine, connects with other hotel systems, is optimized for mobile devices, and is backed by a helpful and responsive technical support team every step of the way.


Automate front desk operations

Drive more online bookings and revenue

Guest self-check-in

Rate and revenue management



Accounting & Finance

4/5 features

Marketing & Ecommerce

4/5 features

Administration & Configuration

4/5 features

Customer Management

4/5 features

Front Office

4/5 features

Available Add-ons & Modules


Property Management Systems
Whether you package activities with accommodation or sell room and activity bookings separately, WebRezPro’s ActivityEngine Module makes managing both your room and activity reservations a breeze. From bookings to billing, we’ve got you covered.


Owner Payout Module

Vacation Rental Software
Whether dealing with single or multiple ownership scenarios, WebRezPro’s Owner Payout Module automatically tracks owner revenue and charges, and generates owner payout statements, saving property managers a lot of time in the office.


Commission-Free Booking Engine

Booking Engine
WebRezPro’s commission-free hotel booking engine checks all the boxes for today’s online travel planner. Unit slideshows, bookable maps, multiple currencies and add-on products/services are just a few advantages.


WebRezPro Websites

Website Design
WebRezPro's experienced web designers bring together a professional understanding of design, technology and user experience to turn your vision into a beautiful, fully functional website that reflects your business' unique identity.


Centralized Administration Module

Property Management Systems
WebRezPro's centralized admin module allows designated employees to switch between member properties without having to log in and out of each hotel’s system. Employees can access a centralized guest profile database, search availability across all member properties and standardize operations across the group.




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21 | X-Small (1-9 room)

79 | Small (10-24 room)

67 | Medium (25-74 room)

24 | Large (75-199 room)

5 | X-Large (200+ room)


124 | United States of America

77 | Canada

4 | Mexico

3 | Turks and Caicos Islands

3 | Belize

2 | Barbados

2 | United Kingdom

2 | Anguilla

2 | Costa Rica

1 | Cayman Islands

1 | Tanzania

1 | Micronesia

1 | Fiji

1 | Turkey


69 | Bed & Breakfast & Inns

51 | Resorts

47 | Boutiques

44 | Motels

19 | Vacation Rentals & Villas

12 | Luxury Hotels

10 | City Center Hotels

10 | Limited Service & Budget Hotels

7 | Hostels

7 | RV Parks & Campgrounds

6 | Extended Stay & Serviced Apartments

5 | Airport/Conference Hotels

3 | Branded Hotels

3 | Casinos


205 | North America

11 | Central America

2 | Europe

2 | Oceania

2 | South America

1 | Middle East

1 | Africa


201 | Property Management Systems

154 | Hotel Management Software

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  • X-Small (21)
  • Small (79)
  • Medium (67)
  • Large (24)
  • X-Large (5)


  • United States of America
    United States of America
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Turks and Caicos Islands
    Turks and Caicos Islands
  • Belize
  • Barbados
  • United Kingdom
    United Kingdom
  • Anguilla
  • Costa Rica
    Costa Rica
  • Cayman Islands
    Cayman Islands
  • Tanzania
  • Micronesia
  • Fiji
  • Turkey


  • North America
    North America
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • Middle East
    Middle East
  • South America
    South America
  • Central America
    Central America
  • Africa

Hoteliers say

NEW AI Review summary

Hoteliers like WebRezPro for its diverse and easy-to-use system that integrates with numerous third-party platforms, enhancing both revenue management and operational efficiency. Users highlight the platform's capability for custom features and robust reporting tools, despite some experiencing slower performance with additional modules. The software's continuous updates, training videos, and responsive customer service make it a preferred choice, though improvements are needed in user interface aesthetics, mobile accessibility, and specific functionalities like group bookings and activity management.

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User friendliness and training
Customer support
Custom features and upgrades
Reporting capabilities
Integration with third-party platforms
Interface design
Activity management
Group bookings and folios
Mobile accessibility
Slower performance with additional modules

Easy to use

Manager from 10 to 24 room Resort in Tobermory (Canada)

3 months ago
Customer service is immediate and outstanding. The system is diverse, yet easy to use. The price is very reasonable. WebRezPro is constantly upgrading, improving and adding new features so that the platform is always up to date with the latest technology. WebRezPro offers numerous integrations to use with the platform.
Country Canada
Small Hotel
Sarah from WebRezPro replied
Thank you for your detailed feedback! We're thrilled you appreciate our customer service, system usability, and ongoing updates. We're addressing the activity engine speed issues and are optimistic about the improvements. It's great to hear our custom features significantly enhance your experience, allowing you to stay innovative with us. Your loyalty to WebRezPro is highly valued, and we look forward to continually serving your needs.

Rhode Island Owner/GM Review of WebRezPro

Owner/GM from 10 to 24 room Boutique in Newport (United States of America)

3 months ago
Customer service and ease of use. Mike and his team Patrick, Lesley, Vanessa and everyone else are amazing!
Country United States of America
Small Hotel
Sarah from WebRezPro replied
Thank you so much for updating your review! We are pleased to let you know that we do have an integration to Google’s free booking links and paid Google Hotel Ads.

Outstanding Marketing & Analytics Support

Marketing & /Sales from 50-74 room Motel in (Canada)

3 months ago
The geographic breakdown information available from WebRezPro Custom Reports is easily accessed and valuable. I love the capacity to stylize my own reports within the system. I'm especially impressed by the ease of navigation for an old boy like me who in not a tekkie. But best of all is the immediate responses I've received for "help" requ...
Country Canada
Marketing & /Sales
Medium Hotel

The Negative Side of WebRezPro

General Manager from 10 to 24 room Resort in Rio Frio (United States of America)

3 months ago
You want to know what I like about WebRezPro? Absolutely Everything! Customer Service was what we were in search of after two other companies failed in this area, and we definitely found the best of the best! My time and WRP functioning properly at all times are crucial to my success, and if I have any issues (all have been user (me) error)...
Country United States of America
General Manager
Small Hotel
Sarah from WebRezPro replied
Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review about WebRezPro! It is so nice to hear that WebRezPro suits your property's needs perfectly. We strive to provide great support for our clients, and we're happy that our team has been there to assist you when needed.

Best Choice WRP!

Assistant General Manager from 50-74 room City Center Hotel in Mackinac Island (United States of America)

3 months ago
-Customer service is top-notch. They are always quick to respond and very helpful regardless of the time. During normal business hours, it is very easy to get someone on the phone. Outside of business hours, email support is quick and helpful. I do not feel alone at any time, even if I cannot get them on the phone. -Features are continual...
Country United States of America
Assistant General Manager
Medium Hotel

Best PMS

Owner/Treasurer from 25-49 room Bed & Breakfast & Inn in Salem (United States of America)

3 months ago
Great customer service, always very helpful whenever we call. So easy to use and understand, even for new employees. They are always one step ahead with up to date tools and needs. We have been using Webrezpro for 11 + years and are completely satisfied.
Country United States of America
Medium Hotel

Absolutely love working with this reservation system. It is so user friendly

Manager from Motel in Indialantic (United States of America)

3 months ago
The Staff at Webrezpro are absolutely amazing. They always reply to any questions or issues I may have in a timely manner and always help me to resolve/learn what I need to know.
Country United States of America

Very responsive and reliable

Assistant General Manager from 100 to 199 room Bed & Breakfast & Inn in Seattle (United States of America)

3 months ago
I like the fact that every time that we bring a discrepancy or error, they help to fix it and get back to us in timely matter. Their answer it's always positive and help us to find a solution. I like that we can call them, or email them and they will always get back to us. They help us multiple time with training, or understanding the ma...
Country United States of America
Assistant General Manager
Large Hotel

Great team!

General Manager from 10 to 24 room Bed & Breakfast & Inn in East Hampton (United States of America)

6 months ago
They are easy to reach, extremely well versed in their subjects and I always end up with the answers I need.
Country United States of America
General Manager
Small Hotel

- Great customer service!

General Manager / Innkeeper from 5 to 9 room Bed & Breakfast & Inn in Sidney (Canada)

6 months ago
- Great customer service! - Helpful easy to follow video tutorials, great for staff training!
Country Canada
General Manager / Innkeeper
X-Small Hotel
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